Kate and I met a few years ago at a local Hamilton dog park. Our furbabies became fast friends, and so did we! We bonded over our love for animals, travel, and a good glass of wine. After a few photoshoots, we started talking about working on a creative project together back in Fall 2016 and now, it's finally real!

We want to learn more about important, fascinating topics. We want to talk to bad-ass women and girls, soak up their wisdom, and share it for all y'all!

We are equal parts excited and nervous to share HERSTORY // BOOK with you! We hope you like it.


Angela Graham,     

co-creator & writer

I grew up in a small rural town in the Ottawa Valley and have loved nature since I was a kid. I now work as an Environmental Analyst by day, and spend most of my free time outdoors with my doggos. I'm known as a bit of a loud-mouth clown amongst my friends, and truly love making people laugh; even if it's at my own expense.


Kate Warren,          

co-creator & photographer

Growing up, Kate was inspired by her photographer Dad, and so began her love-affair with visual storytelling. She is an “up for anything” kind of photographer, but has a soft spot for airy engagement sessions and helping bad-ass business owners get their branding just right.